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Cat Tube Vase

Cat Tube Vase

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Feline-inspired design with the timeless beauty of a vase. It's a delightful conversation starter that will bring smiles to everyone who sees it. Whether displayed on a mantel, shelf, or dining table, our cat head vase adds instant charm and character to any space. It's the ideal accessory for cat lovers and design enthusiasts alike. Let your flowers bloom in style with our cat head tube vase. Its sleek design and transparent tube allow your blooms to take center stage, creating a stunning visual display that's sure to impress.


Made from high-quality materials, our cat head vase is not just for show – it's also a functional piece of decor. Its sturdy construction ensures stability while holding your favorite flowers with ease.
Size: 21cm x 18cm

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Customer Reviews

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Margaret Cronin


Lloyd Lind

I bought it because I like the very cute cat form. I was able to erase my eyes with a melanin sponge. I preferred to have no eyes. I haven't put water in it yet, but it has a sense of stability. I liked the matte texture. It seems to fit any place♪

Effie Mitchell

one minus - it doesn't have eyes. but good overall

Juwan Berge

Cat Tube Vase

Ashtyn Kuhlman

The color is closer to the color of the color more than yellow. But it's so cute, and the packaging is meticulously good.